June 19th, 2021


Another Lost Furiend

I found out this morning that jugularjaguar suffered a stroke yesterday and has either died, or is on life support and not expected to live. JJ, aka Draconis, and I go back to the early days of MFF. He was always the jokester. He brought his characters to life be it his jaguar or his more famous alter-ego, Calamity Cougar. He started an anti-raccoon campaign at MFF, so I in Abbey Raccoon and tilt_longtail in his raccoon suit broke into his room and proceeded to defile his bed. Years later I would be a handler for him as he got a gig as the buffalo mascot for the US Mint as they unveiled the New Mexico state quarter. Another one of my jokes about him was that he had a slight resemblance to porn star Ron Jeremy. I don't think he appreciated that, but every time I told someone, they would say "Yeah! He does look like him!" It's so sad to see another greymuzzle lost. I shall miss him.