June 27th, 2021


Albuquerque Comicon

It felt good to get out yesterday and do some socializing in an atmosphere that would have been considered a super-spreader event several months ago. In fact I was rather surprised that this even was authorized seeing as it could attract a large crowd. The State is scheduled to completely re-open on Thursday, so maybe they thought it was close enough. *shrugs* It was just nice to cosplay in my werecoon partial. We met some friends who were suiting the event. I even met a gal from Denver who was in a full suit but didn't consider herself a furry. Go fig. The setup was actually really nice in that all of the vendors were socially distanced. This meant there was lots of room to maneuver. The entrance fee seemed a little steep for what was offered, but it was definitely worth it to hang around with fellow geeks and have some fun.