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Where in San Diego is Sabot L'ours?

Training today was mind-numbingly boring. Our instructor could have been speaking Greek at some points and it would have made just about as much sense. But am I upset? Heck no! Why not? Because I am now sitting on my 8th floor balcony in 70+ degree temps sucking down brewskis enjoying a glorious evening. Here is what I am looking at as I type....

Oh yeah. Life is good.

I went for a nice long walk after class was done today. There's a Princess Cruise Lines ship parked near the hotel. Hopefully it pulls out soon so that the streets aren't so crammed with tourists. Union Station is about 3 blocks away and I am enjoying my view of incoming and outgoing Surfliners and Coasters. The trolley also runs right by there, so it's a train lovers dream. Yeah. I'm enjoying myself *gins*
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