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Another day in paradise

Ahhhhh. Yet again I am typing this update on the 8th floor balcony with a cold beer in my paw. The weather is absolutely unbelievable! It's probably close to 80 with just a few high clouds. I'll probably go out for a nice long walk in a little bit and enjoy the evening. Training wasn't quite so bad today, but I did get very antsy in the afternoon. doG! It's hard to stay awake!

I didn't get a pic of the cruise ship that was parked near our hotel yesterday, but this morning a new ship docked even closer. If you get on board the glass elevator on my floor, you look right out at the bow of the ship. It's really cool! Here's a pic of the Monarch of the Seas. (Enjoy, greytail!)

And for the train enthusiasts....

A Surfliner

A Coaster

The San Diego Train Station

All pics taken from my balcony. I need to go down to the station to grab some close ups. Go ahead and say it, Kitty..."Train slut!"
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