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Sittin' on the dock of the Bay

Another gorgeous day in San Diego! I took a nice long walk along the waterfront yesterday and grabbed a few pics. I also wandered around the train station and shot a few pics there. In the evening I was happy to have dinner with t_h_squirrel where we smoked the peace pipe after the FC drama. We had a good talk about a lot of things. It's was a nice time. We ate at Anthony's Seafood Restaurant across the street from the hotel. Mmmmmm. Swordfish.

Today marks the start of the 2nd part of the class. We had a test on the 1st part yesterday. I swore after I got my Master's that I would never take a test as long as I lived! It was an open-book test and I did o.k. Some times I feel like I'm taking a literacy test like they used to use in the Jim Crow south. No matter how you answer, it's wrong. I got into a discussion with the instructor because it said in the question that criteria to evaluate grant proposals are published. I was thinking a published set of standards, which there is none. He meant simply outlined in the published grant application. Grrrr. When I read to much into a question, they just want the simple answer. When I think they want a simple answer, they want to be tricky. Bastards! Only 2 more days!

Oh....and now pics!

My new fursuit *lol*

Dome on top of the train station

Gratuitous train shot
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