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The Happiest Place on Earth

I'm back after my week in San Diego. It was good to get home and see Kitty and the pets again. I would once again like to thank the_cyber_bear for his wonderful hospitality in hosting me over the past weekend.

On Saturday myself, Cyber, dexter_fox, and albear went to what Krusty the Clown called the happiest place on Earth....Tijuana! I have been to border towns in Mexico before, but I had never been to the famous TJ. We parked on the American side of the border and walked across. It was just as I expected. Like Cartman said in "Rainforest Shmainforest,"..."this place is over-crowded, smelly and poor!" And yes! As we crossed the Tijuana River, it also smelled like ass. We wandered around and decided to have a few drinks and lunch. Being furry, we stopped at a bar named "Animale." There was loud bad music being blasted. There was a guy in a Spiderman suit climbing on the outside of the balcony. We got a nice table overlooking the busy streets below. That was the most amusing part, watching the traffic and the occasional drunk and/or person being hauled off by the police. The liquor was expensive and it was probably the worst Mexican food I have eaten in a long time (Taco Bell would be considered gourmet compared to this). We all agreed that the place was a shithole, but we were with friends, so it made for a good time.

My main purpose in going to TJ was to find Mexican crafts and cheap booze. I am a big fan carved ironwood and have a lot of bear statues that I had purchased over the years while living in Yuma. I also like Oaxacan painted art, but that style has already been "discovered" and so prices tend to be a bit more. The liquor was easy to find with a little comparison shopping. I picked up a liter of coffee liquor (local brand, not Kahlua) and a bottle of orange liqueur for $15. The crafts were a little harder to find. What I found was a lot of shitty kitchy stuff. That's to be expected. I was about to give up hope when we discovered a few narrow side streets. Bingo! There were many stalls selling wood and iron crafts, but mostly on a big scale, like furniture and big outdoor decorations. I did manage to find a few ironwood bears and a blown-glass tiger for Kitty.

We decided to call it a day and headed back to the border. It took almost 2 frigging hours to get across on foot! It was ridiculous! Things are going to get even worse at the end of the year when they are going to require passports to go across the border. But don't you feel safer from terrorists? I sure do [/sarcasm]

There was a party at Cyber's on Saturday night, and there was much drinking and debauchery. What happens at Cyber's stays at Cyber's. Sunday was a much more mellow day. We all went to Brians' for a hearty breakfast and then to The Crypt for yiffy toy window shopping. After that everyone started heading for home and I packed up for my flight back.

So it was an awesome weekend overall. Too bad I didn't get to spend more time with n2kenai, but he just sort of blew in and blew out on Friday night. It was great to talk with bluebear72 both at the party and at the bear dinner on Thursday. It was good to see donkeyears again in a non-con setting. I'm also glad hunterkitty was able to spend the night as well. It goes without saying the partying with Al and Dex is ALWAYS a good thing.
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