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Long Weekend Roadtrip

I was thinking about making a few updates over the weekend from the motels Kitty and I had stayed in that had wi-fi, but then I realized that I was alone in a motel room with my mate. WTF was I doing on LJ?!? *LOL*

This was another "Discover New Mexico" trip. We left on Saturday morning and drove down to Carlsbad. Highway 285 gets a nomination for "Most Boring Highway" although it did have small herds of pronghorn antelope along the way to watch. We got to our motel around 3 and decided what to do. The Living Desert Zoo sounded interesting, but even though it closed at 5, they stop letting people in at 3:30. We hauled tail out there and slid under the wire with no time to spare. We were the last folks let in that day.

We soon discovered why you need at least 90 minutes. It's a WONDERFUL park! It's what Wildlife West would be if it had a boatload of money for exhibits. The selection of wildlife was great! We annoyed a badger by waking him up doing the Badger Dance. The black bear was up and about searching for food that they had hidden in her enclosure. The pack of 6 Mexican Grey wolves was awesome to watch as they interacted which each other. And the female mountain lion was in heat and was yowling for yiff. Her young male companion (who had had a vasectomy) was not really in the mood. The bobcats next door looked a little pissed having to listen to the noisy neighbor. All in all we had a terrific time and used all 90 minutes we had until the park closed. That night we ate at the motel restaurant which was a little pricey, but the prime rib was tasty.

The next morning we got up early, had the motel's "meh" breakfast buffet, and headed for the caverns. I talked Kitty into taking the longer more strenuous route through the natural opening. It's a steep descent of over 700 feet, but well-worth the effort. It took us a few hours to take the whole self-guided tour. Thank doG there are elevators to take you back to the surface.

We headed out from the caverns and continued on to Alamogordo. We arrived just around 5 and decided to just crash for the night. It's an easy decision to make when you have a large jacuzzi bathtub in your room. Dinner was at one of 3 Chinese buffets that were within a half-mile of the motel.

The next morning we were up early and out the door by 9. We hit a local winery and pistachio farm for some samples. We bought a couple bottles of wine and a couple bags of nuts. It was then on to White Sands National Monument. There is a paved road leading up to the dunes and then a graded road through the dunes to various parking areas. Most people come here to sled down the dunes. Me, I come to fursuit!

I put on Nevada and climbed a dune so that Kitty could grab some pics. A few people saw me up on the dune and came over for pictures as well. I just wandered around the parking lots for about an hour passing out hugs and posing for pics. It was a lot of fun. There was a stiff cool breeze which made suiting a pleasure. We stopped at the visitors' center for a few more pics and was pounced by a Navajo family wanting pics. I finally de-suited and we were on our way back to ABQ. We tried to hook up with tenax on the way home, but Mr Hightech didn't have his phone on. And that was our little weekend roadtrip.

And of course there were some pics!

Just a bear out for a stroll

Posing with an Indian family

Cave picture

Another cave shot

Psych test! What does this remind you of?

Overzen really needs to bring Sonar to Carlsbad. He'd be a big hit
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