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Black History Month

February is Black History Month. That's a good thing. I am not one of those that say, "Hey! There's a Black History Month. Why isn't there a White History Month?!?" I know from my history studies that since the culture was white male dominated for so long, history itself had been white-washed. It's good that there is a spotlight on the other side of the story that was largely ignored. There is a pitfall in that, however, when the minor sub-plots of history are inflated to the point they overshadow the main story. This can also lead to revisionist history where "political correctness" of today is applied to the mindset of those living hundreds of years ago. There could also be a missing of the forest by studying one tree too much. The Lewis and Clark Expedition should be looked at as a whole. The presence of York, the only black slave on the trip, should be noted, but he was just a member of the group, not the most important member.

The other day there was a show about the importance of hip-hop culture. The way they were talking about it, it was this huge cultural revolution with deep and significant meaning. Since I'm an old white guy, I figured I must be missing something. I know the music and fashion have permeated the marketplace, but where is the significance that was being touted? When I think of rap and hip hop music I think about gangstas driving their bitches and ho's wearing lots of bling in pimped out rides. Am I missing something? Am I just looking at the surface like one could do with the Hippies of the '60s where it was all about drugs and sex and listening to the Grateful Dead? Is the rebellion against authority the same then as now? If that's the case, then why aren't there more protest songs about the war? Once again, perhaps it's out there but not readily available to old white guys.
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