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Suduko Fever!

Kitty has gotten me addicted to suduko. You know, those puzzles that are appearing in papers all across the country. It's a 9x9 matrix where the numbers 1-9 can only be used once per column and once per row. While I was on my training a few weeks ago I started developing a spreadsheet to help visualize the possible answers for each cell. What I came up with is simply a visualization tool. Everything in manually entered. I must say that it did work quite well! I found the one cell that had only one possible answer. This then caused another cell to have only one answer. And so I went and finished up the puzzle.

I started figuring out a way to automate the process, but it would involve writing formulas for 729 cells. That wouldn't be all that bad if I could automate the process somehow. It was then that I realized that spreadsheets are stupid. I searched in vain for a function in either Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel that would look in a particular range to see if a value was present. You would think that there would be something that could do that. Oh well. It was fun to geek out for awhile.
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