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Close Encounters of the Ursine Kind

Kitty and I took a trip out to Wildlife West yesterday. I had been wanting to make a sizable donation to them to help support Koshari, their black bear which they got just about 6 months ago. You might remember the pics I had taken with him while in fursuit . That was a spectacular day for me. Yesterday was even better.

I presented Roger, the manager, with the check and he was ecstatic. It seemed that Koshari had developed an allergy and lost a lot of fur from scratching. The vet bills were extremely high and he could now only eat natural food which meant a bigger food bill. My donation pretty much took care of his vet bill and helped pay for the hundred pounds of nuts which is part of his new diet. To show his gratitude Roger took us down to say "hello" to Koshari. We went to the back of the enclosure and I was able to feed Koshari some almonds. I was floored as this massive bear carefully shelled each nut in his mouth. I gave him a little nose rub and he gave me a lick. A fur could not ask for a nicer encounter especially being able to connect like that with your chosen species. Roger loved the pics from my last fursuit encounter and so I'll hopefully have another opportunity to do it again this year, this time with just the fence, not plexiglas, separating us.

After visiting with Koshari we went to say "hi" to the other critters. I'm still amazed that Moonshadow the mountain lion still remembers me. When I used to help out cleaning and feeding the animals I would always give scritches to Moonie. Now every time I visit him he comes running over to the window mrowing.
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