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The Oscars

The Oscars is about the only award show I'll watch. I have been watching the show faithfully for almost 30 years. I remember throwing things at the screen when "Star Wars" didn't win. *laughs* What do you expect from a 12-year old? Later I made an effort to see all of the nominees before the show to see if my picks and tastes were the same as the Hollywood folks. Yes, I love movies.

Kitty and I went to go see "Capote" and "Good Night and Good Luck" yesterday since they were being played as a double feature. A local fur also got us into the theater for free. Score! The only movies we missed were "Crash" and "Munich." They're both on our Netflix list. Let me just say that I thought "Good Night and Good Luck" was a fantastic movie. If it had one, I would have been very happy. Philip Seymour Hoffman did a good job in Capote, although I thought Heath Ledger did a better job in "Brokeback." They were both good performances.

After Kitty and I got back from the movies were curled up in front of the t.v. and watched the Oscars. This had to have been the worst one I have ever seen! John Stewart had some good zingers, but he was out of his element. It was kinda like when Letterman did it several years ago. The movie people didn't know how to respond to this t.v. guy. Letterman did have the best joke that year. "One of the nominees this year is Chinese film 'Eat, Drink, Man, Woman' which coincidentally was the pick-up line that Arnold Schwarzenegger used on Maria Schriver."

I heard that viewership was down again this year. It's no surprise. The show was lifeless and boring. The musical performances were TERRIBLE! If those were the 3 best songs of the year, the movie industry is in real trouble. "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp?!?!?!?!" WTF?!? The Oscars will be on cable in a few years if they keep putting on crap like they did last night. Then again, I shouldn't complain. I remember the bad old days when they used to have extravagant musical number one after another and the show dragged on for 4+ hours.

Just a couple more observations. I think the Jewish stronghold has been broken! There was a joke for years between me and my sister when it came to the documentary category. It wouldn't matter what was nominated. If there was a documentary about the Holocaust, it would win. There were no documentaries about the Holocaust or Nazis this year. "March of the Penguins" won! And the winners brought plushies on stage! Whoot! We were also glad to see that "Wallace and Gromit" won best animated feature. The joke about Bjork getting shot by Dick Cheney was also a hoot.

And now off to Colorado!
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