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Live from Boulder

I have been having a good time up here in CO. Last night was a total blast! I (and 3 co-workers) arrived just before noon. We stopped for lunch at Quiznos (prime rib sammich=ubertasty!) and finally made it to the hotel. The Marriot is super nice! I got a call from rufpup and soon he was on his way to pick me up. We headed down into Denver and hung out at freefox and furitz's den. Soon there were lots of furs coming through the door for a regular scheduled furmeet. I got good snuggles from lupine52 and nevermint and a new friend, ivanotter. One of the drinks that was served was a creamy concoction named Fox Cum. Well, you know bears can never have enough fox cum and soon I was feeling no pain. Soon part of the party moved upstairs and there was much "snuggling." Oh yeah. Good times.

The conference today was pretty dull. Nothing much to report from that. I went out tonight with folks from work but we ended up at the Redfish Brew Pub at my suggestion. The last time I ate there was with thrashbear when he was still working there as sound man. Good food. Good beer. Good jazz. Happy bear. And now lupine52 has stopped by for a visit. So I will wish you all a good night.
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