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Home again (for a short time)

Arrived back in ABQ last night. My flight was delayed a bit due to snow up in Denver. It was sad to realize that that was pretty much the first snow I had seen all Winter. I met Kitty at Papadeux's Restaurant for an incredible dinner. I had eaten there only once before and found it pretty pricey. While on jury duty a few months ago, however, I met one of the head chefs that worked there. When he described all that went on in the kitchen and the quality of raw ingredients that they purchased, I realized that the price of the food was probably worth it. We splurged a bit last night on tasty seafood and we were not disappointed. I even got the chef to come out and say "Hi" to us, and we were rewarded with a free dessert. Whoot!

Kitty and I will be starting our 'round-the-country trip tomorrow after work. Hopefully there will be opportunities to make updates along the way. I got some good news on Monday. Amtrak gave us a first class upgrade for less than half price on our Chicago to ABQ leg. Sweet! I'm still trying to get a first class deal for tomorrow's leg of the trip, but so far no dice. I'll try once more with the conductor when we're boarding.
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