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The People That Made the Great Amtrak Trip a Success

I'm happy beyond words that I have developed such a wonderful circle of friends over the past few years. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that I can travel just about anywhere in this country and there will be furry friends close by who I can get together with for a little fun (G-rated to NC-17 *grins*).

I already posted about our stop in LA. I will take any and all opportunities to hang out with albear and dexter_fox. I'm just sorry that I passed out so early in the party that I missed out on quality time with stevefoxx, cubstatik, nonamecub, and tarnac. I'll do better alcohol control next time.

I appreciated greatly the folks like the_cyber_bear, hunterkitty, and scruff_e_coyote made the drive to The Domain to hang out with us.

Like I mentioned yesterday I was extremely happy that djmermaid and jovino made a special trip to the Oakland train station just to hang out with us for 15 minutes. OK. So it was also to complete a business deal, but it says something when 2 sweet people come out to see you for such a short period of time at a late hour.

I will once again thank rockopup and bennetfox for hanging out with us in Portland. The cajun restaurant they took us to was extremely tasty. It was also wonderful that they drove out to the station to say good bye to us as well as take a quick trip into Chinatown with us. It was also nice to meet chahala who came out to our hotel to have breakfast with us after he had worked graveyard shift.

And then there was Chicago. I hadn't written anything about our time there. We arrived on-time and we hopped on a Metra to take us to a station in Cicero so that my mom wouldn't have to drive very far to pick us up. She took us to a local Bohemian/Polish restaurant where we dined on local favorites. The next day my mom and I had a meeting with an accountant who has been wading through my father's estate over the past 3 years. There's light at the end of the tunnel, but I have my work cut out for me in getting legal shit taken care of. On the way home we stopped off for White Castles. Mmmmmm. Sliders. I then took Kitty on a walking tour of my old stomping grounds. We probably got a lot of stares as a white boy and Asian chick walked through the now-barrio, but hey, I had spent 18+ years walking these streets. It's as much my hood as it is their's. We then headed out to the western 'burbs to hook up with linnaeus, quasiskunk, and rcfoot. After dinner we headed to Borders in Oak Park to hook up with rustitobuck. The only place that was still open to get a drink was Denny's. *facepaws* We went in and had an "Animal House" moment. "Boone! We're the only white people in here!" But the staff was great and we had a nice meet.

The furry goodness continued the next day when Linnaeus picked us up and took us out for Chicago hot dogs for lunch. We hooked up with duncandahusky, takaza, and rasslor at the hot dog joint which had a line out the door. In line there were some other furs who were in town for fursuit bowling later that day. *laughs* We're taking over!

The furry goodness continued all the way to ABQ when we were met at the station by ari_foxy who helped us with our luggage and helped me reclaim my Furmobile which I had parked at work nearby. We rewarded him with Chinese buffet later that evening.

And that wraps up the great Amtrak trip. Don't forget that Kitty and I always love to repay the favor to anyfur traveling through New Mexico. Fur Central is always open and we're always up to taking passers-thru out for a nice meal. Thanks once again to everyone who made this a memorable trip. I'll leave with a photo. A pic of Rocko, Bennet, and Kitty at a weird sculpture thingy in Portland near the station.

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