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Application: Submitted

I sent off (electronically) my application to the Weather Service this morning. Let's see if I get a nibble. The last few times I had sent off applications to that agency the only thing I heard back from them was the chirping of crickets. I suppose I could elaborate on my previous post. The job would be working as a flood- warning hydrologist. I dig that type of stuff! I'm a wild weather junkie. That's why I was so interested in the job. Sure, it's in Minnesota, but the actual job sounded like it would be a total blast. I work best in real-time situations. While I'm somewhat worried of making the wrong split-second decision, I am one to actually MAKE that decision. I once had a manager ask me, "Would you stake your job on this decision?!?" and I calmly answered, "Sure." That wasn't the answer he was expecting and quickly backpeddled.

If nothing else I now have an updated resume and know how to use the online application system. Let's see how efficient and streamlined the new system is. The job closes next Wed. I'll report when I get some news.
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