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Fantasy Time!

Let's see if I can start some sort of meme.

I was thinking about Sabot the other day. Not me, my character. I think most of us have some sort of story behind our furry alter-egos. I remember asking tenax where his name came from and he had an entire universe built around his character. Being an RP-gamer I could see how he did that. It got me thinking about all my friends out there and I wondered how many had complete stories about their characters. Furry was a spinoff from science fiction and fantasy, so it's perfectly fine to have a fantasy world in which your character would live. So either answer here or post in your own LJ (if you so desire), if you could totally slip into your fantasy world, what would it be like? How do you see your character? I know some of you only by LJ name so this would be a good place to tell me more about your main character. I know some of you also have multiple fursonas. If tomorrow you would become a furry character, who would you choose?

Sabot would live in a world very similar to most cartoons where humans and animals exist together, yet separately. Animals act totally human, but usually avoid humans. When humans and animals do meet, the humans are not quite aware that they are dealing with equals. The creation of Sabot was heavily influenced by The Homestead on a.l.f. I envisioned that Sabot was a bartender at a brewpub where he brewed his own beer and served them up to the forest critters that visited his establishment every night. I've always envisioned the bar to be deep in to woods of either Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. Where Sabot the bear and myself would be most alike would be our demeanor. If you've ever been to my room parties at a con, that's what I would be like at the bar. In terms of physical appearance, Sabot would look quite like my fursuit, perhaps a bit more round around the middle.

Anybody else want to slip into Fantasyland for awhile?
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