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Thursday Shotgun


We had a fire drill this morning. I was first one out the door. Mainly just to get away from the shrieking fire alarm that could make your ears bleed.

I was so quick out the door because I was bored out of my skull. We lost teh Interaweb this morning and I was in brain-lock since I wasn't able to read El Jay. *laughs*

It's official. Kitty and I will be going to AC this year. I found airfare for $200 RT to Pittsburgh, so we're going. Yay!

In looking up other jobs on teh Interaweb I noticed that essentially the same job I am applying for in Minnesota is being offered in Salt Lake City. Application sent! I'm in the process of applying for another job at Lake Tahoe.

For the 1st time in my life I had my hair professionally dyed and styled yesterday. Kitty took me to her gay hairstylist and he did a nice job on me. He was going nuts over my hair. I have had several barbers say that I have incredibly thick and full hair.

My co-workers finally noticed that Kitty had painted my fingernails a few days back. My boss commented that my shade of purple was darker than hers. She wanted me to take off my shoes and socks so she could see my bright red toenails. I declined.

And that's the news from da Bear!
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