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I spend a lot of time listening to XM at work. I go back and forth between Lucy, Fred, and Ethel when I want sing-a-long alternative rock. When I want cutting-edge alternative rock I listen to XMU. I have always loved new music. I have always been one of those, "I heard of them first" music snobs. I also love new bands because I feel like I'm striking a blow against the empire of corporate radio bullshit. Music should be about the musicians not the Solid Gold Dancers that are up on stage with you dancing to your crap pre-programmed drivel.

I also love the titles of some of the songs and the names of some of the groups. You might have noticed one the other day in my Music section, "Fuck This...I'm Leaving." And there seems to be a bunch of "furry" bands out there. Husky Rescue. Deerhoof. Wolf Parade. *grins*

Oh! I see LJ added a "Current Location" feature to the Option Menu. Interesting.
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