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Coons and coyotes

It was a nice relaxing weekend at Fur Central. Watched "Crash" on Saturday. It was a good movie, but I thought the racial issues were just a little too "in your face." Perhaps that was the point, to have the characters say what so many of us really feel about the issues. We also watched the old Swedish film "My Life as a Dog" which was a cute little coming-of-age story, but not furry in the least (except when the little boy barks at his uncle). We also hung up all of the artwork we had picked up at cons but had yet to frame. We now have a nice furry art wall in our computer area.

On Sunday we had a visitor. procyonid was in the state visiting his parents for Spring break and he stopped by for a brief visit. It was good to see him again and I got to claim another fursuit virgin! Bwaaa haa haa! I have shown the joys of fursuiting to yet another fur! It's wonderful to give someone that thrill of putting on a fursuit for the first time. It's also wonderful to give your own character a hug. In this case, it was appropriately Abbey. He seemed to enjoy frollicking in the front of the house (and immediately going for the garbage can.)

A little while later we had furry fun of a different sort. A neighbor was walking her champion golden retrievers up on the mesa, and I let Anubis out to go socialize. While I was talking to the owner I glanced up the mesa and spotted a coyote about 20 feet above her dog. Fortunately the dog didn't see it and came back down the hill. I got my binoculars and camera and watched it for some time. It was a bit disconcerting to see that the yote had really no fear of me or my neighbors as we stood there and watched it. I could see through my binocs that it was a female, both from lack of junk and that it squatted when it urinated. We're going to have to keep a closer eye on Skookum.

Oh yes, and finally, A cartoon that I'm sure Jugular Jaguar could appreciate

And maybe a couple of pics.


Fursuit snuggles!
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