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What a Wonderful Weekend

This was my birthday furmeet weekend. My actual birthday is not for 2 weeks, but with Easter next weekend and Kitty putting on an opera during my actual birthday weekend, this was the best time to have it. We were honored to have nevermint as our guest for the weekend. He brought down his bunny fursuit, Sinatra, with him because one of the planned events was fursuit bowling. As much fursuiting as I have done, I had yet to do fursuit bowling. Kitty arranged it with a local bowling alley and they seemed thrilled to have suiters show up. tenax showed up as Ralph and I loaned shimmerfox my open-faced Tigger suit. Also in attendance was ari_foxy, skitzycat and a new local fur, Miracle Wolf a.k.a. Pagan Nanaki. The bowling alley asked if we would show up at around 12:30 so that we could entertain a couple of parties that were scheduled at that time. They even selected 2 lanes for us between the 2 groups. It was then that fortune smiled upon me/us.

It turned out that the manager had been the mascot for the New Mexico Scorpions hockey team. Score 1! He has connections! He was so happy that we suited at the bowling alley that he refunded our money. Score 2! He was so impressed with our performance that he wants to talk to me about doing this as a regular gig! Score 3! So I will head over there after work to discuss things with him.

Bowling was fun, but we only bowled 1 game because of time constraints. After that it was back to Fur Central for the party. furrysparkles, project122, and her friends Tim and Quinn showed up as did thipher_84 much later. It was a nice mellow affair with my famous burgers on the grill and dark chocolate fondue into which were dipped strawberries and peeps. Surprisingly there was no gaming. Everyone either just sat around and chatted or watched "Death to Smoochie." I had never seen that movie before and had heard it was terrible. It's supposedly a low point for both Edward Norton and Robin Williams, but being a fursuiter, I totally loved it! It's a "must-rent" if you are a suiter. I think all of us really enjoyed it. We eventually popped in "Narnia," but it turned into a giant MST3K.

Thanks so much to all that came. It was a wonderful party. I would also like to announce that for those that want to come out for a visit, the 4th annual Albu-FUR-que furmeet will be held on June 3. Hope to see you here!

And now how about a pic or 2:

The smile says it all

Go down, you stupid pins!

Now try bowling, Mr Smarty Pants!

No! That's not an Easter Egg!

My paws never crossed the line

Ralph has big balls!
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