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First off, Kitty and I went to talk with the bowling alley manager yesterday. He was very interested in having me do birthday parties one or two times a month. In exchange he would give us free bowling for furmeets. He was pretty enthusiastic about having me perform because, as I had mentioned, he actually had been a professional mascot. It sounds like he could be a good contact for other gigs, so I'm gonna run with it and see what happens. Perhaps it's this good news that is causing me to be pulled in 2 different directions emotionally like the toy in the title. I'm getting a bit stressed out about stuff and my mind is a jumble of thoughts. It would help to get them out of my head, and so here it goes.

I am in the enviable position in that I actually like my job. Overall there are no big complaints. Yeah, our division manager is a ditz. Yeah, I am a little bitter about being passed over for a promotion, but things could be a lot worse. The person they hired to be my boss is a friend and we understand one another. They could have hired a total spazz from this office which would have caused me to send out a shotgun blast of resumes. I have been trying to develop a list a pros and cons to help me in my overall evaluation of what I should do. Unfortunately, factors carry different weights and so it's still difficult to make a decision.

The overall stress revolves around the safety of the known and the routine versus the chance of something better. Perhaps it's partially the "grass is always greener..." syndrome. I'm just worried about the fine line between becoming the local expert and stagnation. The nice thing about desert hydrology is that no 2 years are ever alike. It seems that every year there is some new wrinkle that makes it different from any other year. That keeps things interesting. On the other paw there are other river basins throughout the West with whole different challenges. I would like to experience different hydrologic conditions. That means learning a whole system. That means starting from zero and having to build up the knowledge and experience to be taken seriously when making decisions.

There is also the matter of location. Right now I am in a comfortable house in a nice neighborhood with affordable payments. Would I be able to have that level of comfort somewhere else? My commute is a very reasonable 20-30 minutes. I even have the option of riding my bike in the Summer. Another factor would be accessibility to our mothers. Both Kitty and I have mothers who are getting up in years. It would be nice to be a little closer to them should something happen. Here in ABQ there is a major airport and an Amtrak station that could easily get us to either Chicago or the Bay Area. If I were to move to Sacramento, we would be very close to the Bay Area. If I were to move to Minneapolis, we would be relatively close to Chicago.

Location also figures into the recreational aspect. I used to demand that the place I lived had lots of public lands nearby for me to go hiking and camping. While that is still very nice, I have been doing a lot less camping over the past few years. What is important? Nice restaurants, movie theaters, and Costco. It's nice to have places like White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns nearby for weekend trips. And then there are our friends. The NM Furry group is a small but relatively tight-knit group. We pride ourselves on being relatively drama-free compared to other groups. We enjoy the role of being the focal point of the group in planning events and such. The fursuiting factor is a two-way street. With tenax and myself essentially being the only 2 suiters in the state, we have a wide open field in which to perform. It does get a bit lonely, however, when I see photos of other groups which can pull together a dozen or more suiters for a gig. I would love to be a part of a large troupe like Critters by the Bay. It's just one more thing to consider.

So these have been the thoughts that have been rambling around inside my head. I guess this was brought to the forefront since a job in Lake Tahoe closes today and I didn't get my application done in time. I'm pissed at myself for not getting it done, but on the other paw perhaps a little voice is telling me that I really didn't want it in the first place. I think the little voice is probably right. It has gotten me thinking about things, though. *shrugs* Like I mentioned, I have lots of time. I just need to de-stress a bit. And nothing helps me de-stress like an afternoon meeting with some of the Pueblos. *facepaws* I hear a bottle of Bombay Sapphire calling my name.
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