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Applying Oneself

I now have 3 job applications floating out there; Weather Service, Minneapolis, Weather Service, Salt Lake City, Bureau of Reclamation, Sacramento. It's comforting knowing that there is no urgent need to switch jobs. I didn't go into excruciating detail in my resume' nor in answering the KSA's (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities). If you are interested, give me a call and we can talk. If you're not interested, I really don't give a rat's patootie. The most important resume' I submitted was to the Isotopes. Let's see if I can get an interview to perform as Orbit. That would definitely put the brakes on leaving ABQ! If nothing else I can hopefully perform at Orbit's Birthday Bash which is next month.

An interesting side note about applying for the Weather Service job: It turns out that one of my co-workers has also put in for those jobs. I can just imagine what they are thinking at the personnel office. "Wow! That must be a terrible office in ABQ! Here are 2 guys from the same division applying for the same job!"

Oh! And yet another new userpic courtesy of the South Park character generator
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