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I had a pretty good trip up to Chama and Taos. Not a lot of people came out to hear our spiel on what conditions will be in the basin this year. I think most people know that we are screwed. We had 6 people turn out at one meeting 5 at the other. I was interviewed for the Santa Fe paper and was totally mis-quoted. I now refer to the reporter as Rita Skeeter (from "Goblet of Fire") If you want to see all of her misquotes you can find the article HERE

There was some nice wildlife spotted on the trip. Coming home from dinner on Wednesday I thought I saw a cat outside of my motel room. I only got a glimpse of it, but then I realized that it was a raccoon. The trash strewn all around the garbage can the next morning confirmed my suspicion.

There were deer all over the place on the road to the Brazos Falls and we almost took one out. We also saw quite a few wild turkeys. It must be courting season because the males were all poofed out and strutting their stuff.

The Brazos Falls started flowing. This is not a good thing. Normally the falls start flowing during the 1st week of May. It's way early this year. The falls are very ephemeral, usually only lasting a month or less. It will be interesting to see how long they last this year. Here's a pic of the falls from 2 years ago.
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