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Gardening at Night

Well, I started the garden this weekend. No, I didn't do it at night. I just like that song by R.E.M. (Old skool, yo). I did a haphazard planting, just throwing in a row of carrots, eggplant, squash, a few jalapeno plants that my sister had given me the week before along with an oregano plant, a lavender plant, and some flowers she gave me. She works in a greenhouse and so we ended up with quite a few plants. I transplanted a bunch of other stuff into big pots, so the patio looks a little more decorative. I still need to put in some tomatoes and zucchini. Let's see how the garden does this year. I have so many quail visiting the yard that I abandoned the idea of the upper garden. I have a feeling it wouldn't last very long. It's also a bitch to keep watered. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

I had a nice relaxing b'day weekend. Got little stuff done around the house. Made a pizza from scratch last night. *drools* I celebrated with Kitty the ending of her opera duties, so I have her home at nights again. We watched John Waters' "Cecil B. Demented." Very bizarre movie, but then again, it's John Waters.

Thanks for all of the birfday wishes! They were all much appreciated! *hugs*
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