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Bear on a bike '06

I just wanted to put an entry in old LJ so I remember that today was the first day this year that I rode my bike to work. This marks the 3rd or 4th year that I have just hopped on the bike and made the ride cold turkey without any previous riding since the year before. I was panting pretty good by the time I got to the office, but it felt good. Thank doG we have a nice shower here. I think I'll do the ride 2x a week for a few weeks and then bump it up to 3x.

Here is the profile of the route I take. You can see why I take the bus home in the afternoon.

In other news I got the garden fully planted last evening. So far the score is Quail 1, Sabot 0. I planted a bunch of snapdragons and phlox that my sister gave me on Monday. By Tuesday they were pretty much all eaten. *facepaws* I set up my chicken wire barrier last night, so I hope that will keep them out. I planted 9 tomatoes, 3 pepper (2 Bell, 1 banana) to go with the 3 jalapeno I had planted on Monday, 1 eggplant, and 1 zucchini. Let's see how long they survive.

In my thinking about the current energy crisis, I thought that I should probably look into investing in coal. It's a resource we have lots of in this country and technology is being developed to make it a cleaner burning fuel. It looks like I might be a little late. Peabody Coal was selling for $10/share at the beginning of the year. It was at $60 yesterday. D'oh! Oh I wish I had invested about $10,000 in Jan.

When I went to call Skookum in last night I saw her running around the yard. Something ran up the side of the house and I thought she caught a big bug or something. Closer inspection revealed a mouse. It looked really funny clinging to the side of the stucco. I spooked it and it fell. The chase was on! I never saw the outcome as they both raced off into the darkness.
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