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The weekend...what a drag! ;o)

What started off as a weekend without much going on turned out to be fun-filled! Things started on Friday night when Kitty and I went to see "Urinetown:The Musical" at the U. It was a pretty good show. The premise was that in the future there will be a drought that will be so bad that private toilets are outlawed and everyone has to use public pay toilets. The penalty for not using the bathrooms and urinating in public is exile to Urinetown, which is essentially a euphemism for death. For those of you looking for Masquerade skits, there was a very funny song called "Don't Be the Bunny" from which a skit could be built around.

On Saturday it was off to Socorro for a bit of fursuiting. tenax had made a contact with Family Services down there and we have been invited a few times to pose for pics with the kids. We also invited ari_foxy and thipher_84 to join us. I let Thipher wear Zunipup and with me in Sabot and Tenax in Ralph we entertained the kiddies for about 2 hours. It was perfect suiting weather with temps in the low 70's and a nice breeze.

We all headed over to Tenax's to chill out. Dinner was at the local brewpub where we were joined by shimmerfox and skitzycat. We all hung out until just before midnight when we made our way to the U for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thos time I actually dressed up and went in my French maid's outfit. It was a lot of fun going out in drag in public for the first time. There were lots of stares at the local diner when we showed up at 3 a.m. Ari and Thipher wore latex outfits and brought down the house when they were being de-virginized. The MC told them that they must kiss. They set the stage on fire with an uber-hot gay tongue wrestling match. The MC then tried to make the 2 girls next to them do the same thing, but they didn't know each other and one girl totally freaked out and ran out of the theater. *LOL!*

Oh, I suppose you want pics. Here you go. Caption this!

I would personally make that into a Somethingawful like poster with "FUCKING FURRIES!" at the bottom. *lol*
Here are a few more.

Move along. No mental health here

Tenax, Thipher, Ari, Me, Kitty

Strike a pose!

He kid. Got any pudding?


Blackmail material!
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