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Califur '06 Con Report

What can I say about Califur? It's the quintessential "Relax-o-con." If you don't have friends that you can just hang out and enjoy their company, you will probably have a shitty time. It's also a great con to be able to get commissions from many talented artists.

Kitty and I were on staff and ran staff feed/con suite. We received many compliments on how things were run, so we were happy. We were asked to do it again next year, and we will. Being "trapped" in con suite has its advantages in that you are in a central location that has a lot of people coming and going so you can meet a lot of people. The bad part is that you also get the fanbois who will sit there for hours and talk about nuclear weapons, Star Trek, furry evolution, etc. The thing is, they are so damn smart but still living in mommy and daddy's basement. I ranted about this last year and I will rant about it again. To my favorite fanboy....SHUT THE FUCK UP! The reason you lost your voice on Sunday was because you didn't shut up once the entire friggin' weekend! Jeebus H Christ! He pulled this shit last year as well. You're a friggin' loser! Get a job! Get a life! No one wants to read your lame screenplay! And don't start doing scenes from the movie that only exists in your head! GAH! [ends rant]

We dropped the ball when it came to room parties. We had a pretty decent one Friday night, but on Saturday when people were looking for a party, we didn't open up. While we love Al and Dex as our closest friends, they really were the wet blanket that evening by crashing so early. Kitty and I were involved in the Cabaret and we didn't get finished until almost midnight. I guess we were needed as the spark to get the room party going. Kitty's dinner party at Maggiano's the next day was a highlight, though. We had 20 people all filling up to the bursting point with tasty Italian food. Thanks to all that attended! To the person who canceled at the last minute to hang out with other friends, I guess we know where we stand on the friend scale [/drama].

Other bits: Fursuited McDonald's again. I didn't make any kids cry this time and I almost snagged a free fillet o' fish from the manager. I soooo wanted to join an anti-Bush rally that was taking place on the other side of the 405. Kudos to Cub Statik and Reddie for going over there in suit and lending a paw. That's guerrilla fursuiting at its finest!

Oh, and I probably should mention that I almost did "the full Monty" on stage at the Cabaret. Catwoman and Rummy needed a victim to have their clothes ripped off from in the last act of the Cabaret. I volunteered. There's nothing quite like having two naked cat girls writhing on top of you on stage while you lay there in a g-string. Of course 2 cat boyz would have been more fun *grin*
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