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Art acquisitions

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Califur is great con at which to purchase art commissions. Since there were fewer that 500 attendees, it was easy to get slots for commissions from some really talented artists. Last year I came away with a really awesome badge from Werepuppy because he was totally bored at his table having only a couple of commissions to work on. This year I was able to get badges from Xian Jaguar, Blue Otter, Balto, and the GoH Mitch de la Guardia. Kitty commissioned Brian Wear for a wanted poster sketch of us like he did for several other staff members. I also commissioned a sketch from socalbandits which I loved so much it's going up in my office at work. I like it so much I'm not putting it behind a cut.

Brian Wear sketch
It was too big to fully scan. It has "Wanted" across the top and "For messing in the mess hall" at the bottom. We had to inform Brain that it's called a galley on a ship.

Badge from Balto

Badge from Blue Otter

Badge from Mitch de la Guardia
I needed a cooking badge and I love the style of linnaeus's cooking coon.

I forgot my Xian Jaguar badge at home. I'll have to scan it later.
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