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RL Over the Hedge

Here I was going to make a boring post this morning just to show off my new Over the Hedge icon I yoinked from a mini movie poster, but as fate had it, I had a little encounter this morning that makes the icon even more meaningful. Just like in the movie, I enjoy living on the edge of the city with the "wilds" just beyond my fence. I enjoy co-habitating with the furry (and feathery) critters that live all around me, but there are times that the relationship gets a bit strained like when my garden gets ravaged or my cat goes missing. Such is life in the suburban jungle.

This morning I walked out my door and was greeted by a streak of fur running past me. My not-yet-awake brain processed the creature as Cici, the neighbor's cat. As it ran past my neighbor's door, I realized that it was too big to be Cici and my brain processed "grey fox." I thought that would be cool! I had never known foxes to be in the area! Finally I realized that what I had seen was a coyote kit. Once again, I am thrilled to have such wildlife so close to me. On the other paw I am a bit concerned that a carnivore is coming so boldly close to my house and the cat that lives there. I found a pic the other day that I will have to post of the (believed) mama yote who was wandering in back of my house a few weeks ago. She seemed a bit too at ease, and I ended up firing off a few rounds from my pellet gun over her head. She got the message.
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