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Call me RJ....maybe

Well this is teh suxxors. I went down to the theater and asked if I could fursuit tomorrow's preview of "Over the Hedge." The manager gave me a green light! Woohoo! I get back to the office and get a call from the manager. It seems that there is some uneasiness with people coming to movies in costume. She didn't go into detail, but said there was once an incident involving Spiderman. I have a feeling someone wore tights that revealed a little too much junk. Anyway, she gave me the phone number for their corporate offices and I have left a message. If they give me the o.k. I will be fursuiting tomorrow evening! Keep your claws crossed.

UPDATE: Theater just go. Oh well. I just got the idea the other day. It's not like I have been planning this for days/weeks. *shrugs* I shall go enjoy the movie and write up a review on Friday.
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