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"Ask yourself, Is this good for the company?"

I have come to the conclusion that I will never be ready for a management position. We were called into an all-employee meeting this morning where our regional office described some new management style that was being developed. My eyes crossed as they tossed out acronyms and management mumbo-jumbo-speak. When I got back to my desk my new supervisor just laughed and said that this place was looking more and more like "Office Space." We started joking around that the meeting was just like the one in the movie where "the 2 Bobs" who would do a hatchet job on the employees were being introduced to the office. Currently there is no Secretary of the Interior in Washington. There is also no Commissioner of Reclamation. I'm sure that as soon as people are appointed they will pursue their own new management style and we'll be having more useless meetings and possibly/probably some sort of reorganization. Oh, and then there will be elections in 2008 so the whole thing will start again.
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