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"Over the Hedge" -- review

Last night carol_kitty, ari_foxy, thipher_84, and myself went to go see a free sneak preview of "Over the Hedge." I was miffed that I couldn't suit the event since there were TONS of kids. *shrugs* The movie was very good. Of course I went in with the furry bias that any movie with anthropomorphic animals immediately gets lots of points. The animation is wonderful although there is nothing new. We saw animation like this in "Shrek" and "Madagascar." The plot is nothing new in that a scoundrel/con man starts out to scam someone and eventually finds redemption. The pacing is very good and the jokes and sight gags are very well done. The highlight of the movie for me was that Matrix "bullet time" has been replaced with "hyper-squirrel-on-energy-drink time." It's a great bit! I was a bit disappointed to see a black bear as one of the villains, but c'est la vie. William Shatner playing a bad actor is a wonderful inside joke. The soundtrack by Ben Folds was also a nice addition. And yes, stay to the very end. There is an ending joke.

I give it 3 1/2 shinies.
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