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Weekend with Rockwolf

Kitty and I are always glad to provide a roof and a meal for furiends traveling across country. Being at a convenient spot on a major east-west route we frequently get the chance to show fellow furs some good old hospitality. This weekend it was rockwolf going from the Bay Area to TN. He had stayed with me once before on his trek to CA and the service must have been pretty good because he wanted to stop by again. He showed up on Saturday afternoon and we just sat around and yerfed. Kitty made a lasagna and we invited ari_foxy and thipher_84 over for food and fun. After a few rousing games of Apples to Apples we started to watch "Dead Alive." We were all pretty wiped out (and I had one too many Captain and Cokes) and so we all crashed. We finished the movie on Sunday. Once again, you watch this movie and say, "And they trusted THIS man to make 'Lord of the Rings'?!?!?!" It makes "Meet the Feebles" seem pretty tame. I noted that it came out the same year as "Army of Darkness." A boomstick is cool, but nothing takes care of the undead better than a lawn mower mounted to your chest. Find this gem and rent it! I think fake blood stock rose 10 points during the making of the movie.

We sent the wuff on his way with a belly full of my famous chorizo and potato burritos. The rest of the day was spent trying to clean up Fur Central a bit. And now another week begins!
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