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A non-serious Wednesday

A fun Wednesday post!

My friend Ted up in OR is always sending me whacky stuff. HERE'S a parody of the movie "Grizzly Man." It's a bit flat, but it does have a fursuiter!

Kitty and I had Chinese buffet with ari_foxy and furrysparkles last night. Good times!

I finally got some recognition at work for a new water accounting scheme I developed last year for a small dam with big issues. Hopefully that will quiet things down up there.

No word on the Sacramento job yet. *shrugs* Either way is ok with me. I can stay or I can go.

Just over a week until Albu-FUR-que '06! It looks like we might have some guest attendees from CO and CA. That would be great! And to all of the NM Furs reading this, BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! Fursuit bowling at 12:30 followed by furmeet at 4.
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