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Your own personal theme song

Last Friday Kitty and I went to an Albuquerque Isotopes game. I noticed that when each player went up to bat, they would play a small snippet of a song. Each player had his own song. I wondered if he had chosen it or whether the person in the booth chose it for them. There appeared to be no rhyme or reason to the selection, but then again I don't go to enough games to know the personalities of the players.

It got me thinking about what song I would like to have played if I were introduced in a stadium environment. I settled on "E-Pro" by Beck. Why? It has a very catchy upbeat riff that would work great in a sports venue. The title of the post is a slight reference to the Depeche Mode song "Personal Jesus" which also would work as a good theme song since it has a nice catchy riff.

What would your song be?

P.S. One of the ABQ players is named Mike Colangelo (say it fast) You gotta love that! Another player is Scott Seabol. I started calling him "Bay." Get it? Bay Seabol!
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