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Solo fursuit bowling

Yesterday Kitty and I headed out to the bowling alley where we had fursuit bowling a few weeks ago and where we will have another round next week as part of Albu-FUR-que '06. There was supposed to be a kid's party at noon, so we arrived at 12:30. We were dismayed to find out from the manager that the party had canceled and there wouldn't be another party until 2. This manager was the head honcho. The one we had talked to to arrange performing at parties was the assistant. He was the one who had been a mascot for the local hockey team.

The manager was extremely cool! When we told him that we would go and have lunch and then return for the 2 o'clock parties, he gave us free lunches at the snack bar. I had a nice taco salad while kitty had a hamburger with enough tater tots to keep Napoleon Dynamite happy for a week! He gave us a lane close between the 2 parties and I suited up. One party was mostly girls and only a couple of them warmed up to the bear. I guess I wasn't cool enough. In the other party there were a couple of screamers. *facepaws* That doesn't make for a happy party when a couple of kids are afraid of the bear. We moved down a couple of lanes and the kids calmed down.

When we were leaving I found out just how cool the manager was. He had been talking to Kitty while I was bowling and I noticed Kitty was a little concerned. She told me that she would tell me later. The manager himself had told me that one of the mothers was bugging him to know if there had been a background check on me. WTF?!? He told her "no" and then essentially lied to her and told her that he had known me for over a year and that I had been doing events all over town. Fortunately she had also complained about anything and everything, and so the manager labeled her as an idiot. He told me we are more than welcome to perform there any time we want. Whoot! That was awesome that he went to bat like that for us.
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