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Turning Japanese

As I mentioned earlier, I spent part of the weekend watching old war movies that were being played. Of particular interest was a John Wayne movie where he (and Anthony Quinn) lead the uprising in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. They organize the local populace into guerrilla fighters who do hit and run raids on the Japanese. At one point the Japanese offer to give independence to the Filipinos even though the government would essentially be a puppet government. Of course John Wayne is incredibly heroic and his raids on the evil Japs are supposed to be very inspiring to the American audience watching. Wow! Fighting to kick out an occupational army who brutally oppresses the populace. It was terrible! The guerrillas would blow something up and the Japs would retaliate. They would destroy whole villages looking for the insurgents.

There were riots in Afghanistan over the weekend. People were filling the streets in Kabul yelling, "Death to America!" 2 CBS correspondents, an American soldier and a interpreter were killed by a suicide bomber the other day in Baghdad.
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