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Another Coyote Story

This morning Anubis and the neighbor dogs were barking up a storm. When I went outside, Skookum came running in, and Anubis ran to the back gate. I looked up the mesa but didn't see any coyotes, so I opened the gate to let Anubis out. What usually happens is he goes about 20 feet, scans the mesa, pees, and comes back. If there is a yote, he'll start up the hill, the yote will run off, Anubis will mark his territory, and then come back. This morning Anubis made a beeline up the mesa. I finally saw the yote just sitting there near the top. I then saw 2 more, trotting off. Oh crap. Here we go again. One yote is no problem, 3 yotes is a different story. It looked like they were doing the typical behavior I had seen before. One yote stands his ground while the other 2 go off in different directions. When the dog gets close to the 1st yote, he will trot off and lead the dog. Soon the other 2 yotes will circle back around and come up in back of the dog. The 1st yote then turns around and the dog is now surrounded.

I quickly put on my shoes and hiked up the hill. I was relieved to see Anubis just over the mesa edge, so I knew he was ok. His tail was held high and it was wagging furiously. When I finally reached him I saw the yote was about 20 feet away and slowly moving off. I wouldn't have been surprised if the 2 had been almost muzzle to muzzle sniffing one another. The yote showed very little fear of me. It walked off around 50' and just sat down to watch us.

I have been living with yotes since I have moved here. I have seen them in one neighbor's yard eating apples. I heard them attack my other neighbor's poodle. One of my cats went missing. This will be an interesting Summer. I have never seen them so bold nor so frequently. I'm going to have to observe them carefully and see if they have a den around here somewhere. I'll have to start having my camera ready as well. I hope to be able to get more pics like I shot a few weeks ago.
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