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Albu-FUR-que '06 furmeet report

I'm an idiot in that I tend to get all jealous when I read about a bunch of furs coming together to have a furmeet. They all sound so fun and I wish I could be there. Of course there are those who have never even experienced the goodness of a furmeet (or have met other furs FTF before), so I really should STFU about being jealous. I have been blessed with good friends and good times. This weekend was no exception. All of the furry stars aligned and I ended up throwing one of the most awesome furmeets I have ever done.

I started hosting meets in June 2003. It was my attempt to bring together all of the New Mexico furs who seemed to be quite an anti-social bunch. They had managed to pull off a meet or 2 before I burst on the scene and there was an active gaming group in Socorro, but no regular meets. I changed all of that.

The fun started on Friday night when our guests radjin and growlcoon treated us to dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Sandia Mountain tram. We dined on prime rib at 10,000' while watching the sunset and eventually the lights of Albuquerque 4000' below. It's our answer to the Signature Room atop the John Hancock Bldg. in Chicago.

Saturday's festivities started at noon at Holiday Bowl. In all we had 6 fursuiters which was totally awesome! There was myself, growlcoon, radjin, tenax, scruff_e_coyote, and thipher_84 in my Zunipup. Kitty wore the open-faced Tigger suit. The manager was extremely happy and gave us free bowling and shoe rental. He also set us up with fans and water. I have never met a more accomidating person. He bent over backwards to make sure we were having a great time. We re-paid his kindness by performing for a few kids' parties going on. The kids loved us! It was a wonderful experience. We had so many people bowling that we only managed to bowl 1 game. It took about 2.5 hours to bowl that one game with the suiters walking off to entertain the kids throughout the game.

We got back to Fur Central and the furmeet itself began. At the height of the party there were 23 furs in attendance. That's quite an increase from Albu-FUR-que '03 when there were 8 of us. The roll call was myself, Kitty, radjin, growlcoon, tenax, ari_foxy, thipher_84, skitzycat, scruff_e_coyote, eaglem16, echoweaver, Druid Nanaki, project122, her friend Tim and another fur who came later, scritchwuff, rexar, the UNM fur contingency of Damian and his mate Amber, mr_silvers, yiffyraptor, kjorteo, romamink whom I had just met on LJ 3 days before and who drove 3 hours to be at the party!

I grilled up 6 lbs of hamburgers, a pack of Hebrew National hot dogs, and some brats that had been donated. Everything pretty much went. There was a big birthday cake for all of the June birthdays and either Skitzy or Tenax brought chocolate mice which were a hit with the vore crowd *grins*.

There was an Apples to Apples tournament in the loft, Shrek, Father of the Pride, and The Aristocrats (not Cats) on the big screen, video games on the patio, and snuggling in the guest bedroom. The party went on until 2 and then I shut things down.

On Sunday morning 8 of us headed over to Village Inn for breakfast goodness. We said our goodbyes to Radjin and Growl who headed off to visit friends in AZ, Scruff who headed back to work in CO, and Roma who trekked back to Las Cruces. Ari, Thipher, Kitty, and I went off to the $1 showing of "Silent Hill." Yeah. It was worth that much. After that I came home and collapsed on the sofa. The last bit of furry goodness was that we popped "Hoodwinked" into the dvd player. A most enjoyable flick!

Thanks to all who helped make Albu-FUR-que a success! Of course there will be an Albu-FUR-que '07 next June. Mark your calendars now!
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