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Anthrocon Dreams

Dreams in LJ are pretty boring, so I'll keep this brief. I had a short dream about AC last night. I was at an airport and it was teeming with happy furs headed to AC. I was miffed because I thought I had forgotten all of my con badges, but Kitty had packed them. I met this geeky fur who was carrying a huge guitar case. He opened it up, and it contained a complete mini slot car track. We played for a bit until his traveling companion told him he needed to help get stuff loaded. That was it. It may sound like a strange dream but it actually has some roots in reality.

I'm a con veteran with over a dozen cons under my belt. This will be my 4th AC. I still remember AC 2003 which was my first "real" con. Confurence (which was officially my first) was nice, but it was in its death throes. I remember I experienced "con overload" for the first time. I was getting flustered because I wanted to check out the art show, dealer's den, and attend a panel all at the same time. I ended up just going back to the room and crashing for awhile. I remember talking to furrysparkles before the con about everything that went on at AC. He told me that he spent the majority of his time in his room drinking and yerfing with friends. What?!? How could you do that! There are panels! There is Kage's Story Hour! There's the Funday Pawpet Show! How could you just sit in your room?!? And then I was chatting with berin and he wanted to get a group together to go see a Weird Al concert. What?!? Why would you go to a concert during AC?!? After I experienced my first AC, I understood exactly what those guys meant. The con wasn't about the things you could do. It was about the people; the friends you might only see once a year, The warmth of the real-life hugs and scritches. You could finally replace :o) with a real smile. Who cared that you spent 2 hours at lunch or dinner and missed a panel about gluing fur to foam. You spent quality time with friends you held dear.

If this is your first AC, just relax and have a good time. If you don't know anyone, feel free to look me up. I'll hang out with you for awhile. If you need a place to chill, my room parties are pretty mellow events (although they could get a little overwhelming at times.)

Oh yes. The slot cars. When I first joined the fandom I was happy to find the greymuzzles. It was comforting to know that there were older furs in the fandom. I didn't last long in the group because there seemed to be a lot of squabbling over nothing. I occasionally caught wiffs of burned fur. There was one debate on how AC was going down the toilet. There was way too much time devoted to DDR and other video games and not enough time devoted to spirituality and other "serious" topics. Furry and AC should not be about DDR! It should only be devoted to furry things! Oh! But someone wanted to bring their portable slot car table! Wow! That would be neat! That would be fun! I unsubscribed from the group.
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