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Weekend Roundup and Furmeet Pics

A nice relaxing weekend. I was a bit angsty on Sunday for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was the full moon. Perhaps it was the wild swings caused mass consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

Went to see a performance of "Stomp" on Friday night. It was good, but not something I would pay to see again. Kitty scored free tickets, so it was worth it.

Went to see "X3" on Sunday. Got free tickets from Druid who works at the theater. Good flick.

Watched "Road to Perdition" and "One Hour Photo" on dvd. Good flicks!

Anubis and I ran into the 3 coyotes while on walkies last night. One yote stayed about 50 feet away and literally walked with us. He howled at me and I howled back. Got a wonderful "WTF?!?" look from him. Anubis half-heartedly chased after them at one point. One came up to him and sniffed his butt. I was about 100' away so the yote behaved itself.

And I promised pics from last week's furmeet/fursuit bowling, so....

Growlcoon, Radjin, and Thipher in Zunipup.

Growl molests Kjorteo

Radjin molests Ari Foxy

Radjin pounces Tenax in Ralph

Scruff E gives a big hug to Eagle Cheetah much to Ari's amusement

Thipher entertains the kiddies
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