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Teh Bunneh

I promised a pic of the big jackrabbit hanging around just outside Fur Central. Here it is...

I noticed there were a LOT of jacks and cottontails when I took Anubis on his walkies last night. They must have been as busy as bunnies during mating season this Spring. There's plenty of coyote food running around on the mesa.

Also, mister_f asked about the chocolate mice that were served at the last furmeet. Well, here's the pic

Kitty and I started packing last night for AC. We have to be up at oh-my-doG-it's-early tomorrow morning. We ended up on the same flight as furrysparkles so that will be cool. We'll probably share a limo to the Westin seeing that splitting a ride 3 ways costs the same as 3 shuttle tickets.

I posted a map of downtown Pittsburgh yesterday to furry_connect. For those that are not a member of the community here's a link. It has some of the downtown bars and restaurants listed. Hopefully they're still in business.
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