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Anthrocon Con Report

Let the flood of con reports begin!

So how was AC '06? It was good. I will definitely be going back next year.

I feel like I was a scout. No one knew what to expect with the new city and new venue. Many decided to wait to see what would happen. Many flat-out refused to go to a new city. Well, you missed out. Pittsburgh is a great city and we were welcomed with open paws. There are definitely some issues with the huge expanse of the hotel and convention center, but I'm sure the issues will be smoothed over in the next year. I'm sure that attendance will go up considerably next year as positive aspects of the con get spread by word-of-mouth.

The hotel and convention center are HUGE! You definitely get a workout going from the Westin to the dealer's den. There is no really good way to get from place to place without going outside. If we get rain next year like we have today, things will get very messy in the walkway.

Highlights for me include hosting numerous kick-tail room parties. Last night we ended up with an incredible dead-dog party that lasted until 2. It would have gone all night but we had to catch the airport shuttle at 6:30. We had dozens of furs show up throughout the night. We ended up with more liquor than we started with! There was much drinking and laughing and several people got spanked with the Bible. I had people come in and introduce themselves to me. When I said that I was Sabot the host, most everyone said something to the effect of, "OH! YOU'RE the famous Sabot! We've heard about your parties!" Eeep! Are my parties really getting that well known?

Other highlights included seeing Margret Cho at the Improv with a group of furs. She's the major leagues, baby! 2 is good, but he's strictly farm league compared to her.

Last night a group of 20+ went to Buca di Beppo. It was a quick subway ride from the hotel. While there we met another group from the con. Buca had 50 furries there including a fursuiter! Yup! We contributed greatly to the local economy. On Saturday night we ate at a sushi place down the block. On the way home we passed Crystal's Bar. It was a little hole-in-the-wall place, but she had put out a sign in front that said "Welcome Furries!" Whoot! Kitty and I went in for a drink and yerfed with Crystal for some time. It turn out that it was a gay bar *laughs* We had a great time! To make things even more perfect, "Lady and the Tramp" was on the t.v.! It was one of those perfect furry moments.

I suited only on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I wandered around a little bit downtown. The media had notified the public that we were in town, and I was warmly received. At least one car stopped and the driver ran out to grab a pic of me. On Sunday was the fursuit parade which I dubbed the Bataan Death March Memorial Fursuit Parade. For those that complained that the parade was too short at MFF, you need to come to AC. You will never complain again!

I think people have finally gotten tired with con security. The new name given to them by Watcher was the "Dorki Irregulars." They were pretty heavy-handed when they didn't need to be and pretty useless when they were needed. I never had problems with them this year, but I had wanted to bitchslap a few of them in years past. I'm sure LJ will be full of stories in the next few days.

So that's the report! Good times! Pittsburgh works! If you were waiting to hear the news, the news is good!
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