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Last of the con stuff

LJ has been buzzing with AC news. Well, it is the "big dance" in the furry world. I think I have read enough positive comments that I bet next year we'll break the 2,600 mark. Do I dare bet as high as 2,800?

I don't want to start a stampede, but Kitty and I just reserved our rooms for FC and the Thursday of the con is 60% booked. Now I don't know if this is for just one room block or the entire FC room block. All I know is that the hotel staff said that this was the fastest they have ever seen a fan con fill up. Plan accordingly!

I just booked my flight for MFM. It will cost me a bit of $$$, but I like that con. Driving would not be that much cheaper and I would rather spend 5 hours traveling instead of 15.

I also wanted to include a thought to those that feel that they must buy a new fursuit before every con. I talked to many people at AC for whom this was their very first con. There were also many people who had only gone to AC last year. While there is nothing wrong having a closet full of fursuits, (in fact that would be my definition of heaven) you don't have to spend tons of money to look good in a new suit when many of the people at the con have never seen any of your older suits. If you feel that cons should be fashion shows where you show off the latest and greatest, there's nothing really wrong with that. But for those that somehow feel inadequate because you have an old suit, there are a lot of folks out there who have never seen you and would be thrilled to get a hug from you or snap your picture.

Speaking of pics, here are a few more from the con. Kitty snapped a bunch of good ones from the parade. I'll put those in my AC gallery in the next day or 2. Let's start out with a bit of guerrilla suiting I did downtown when we met snow_kitty, cnipur, rockwolf, and others

More furs along Liberty Ave

Waiting for Apu

Chilling on the balcony

The InternetPittsburgh is for porn!

Having fun with the suspected troll doing radio interviews

Nevermint and Shortwave! Drunk furs represent! Hoo-ahh!

Obligatory hotel shot

Getting pounced by Rennie in Artist Alley

I had a bunch more pics taken at the room parties, but my camera was being retarded and not auto-focusing all of the time. So the pics of tonyringtail being molested by Summer Vixen will not be posted. Neither will the ones of me buried at the bottom of a furpile. I hope someone will post pics of the Bible butt smacking!
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