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AC Fursuit pics

I thought I would upload all of the fursuit shots that Kitty and I took at AC. They are available HERE. There are a lot of shots from the parade. Feel free to yoink if you see your suit or just a pic you like.

Since there were many requests for incriminating pics from the room parties, I will give in and post them even if they are blurry. I have an issue with people posting blurry pics on LJ especially if they are of stationary objects. Just take another freakin' picture! Granted, sometimes light conditions might not allow for a good pic and a blurry pic is as best as you can get. I know my camera had low-light problems with auto focus. That's why so many of the pics came out blurred.

Tony gets pounced!

Sunday's awesome room party!


Radjin gives out the snugs

Thurday party

Sunday party

A.L.F. dinner, our table

A.L.F. dinner, other table

Subway station pic

Subway station pic, going to dinner
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