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Expecting a cub

Fur Central will soon hear the pitter pat of tiny paws. Yes, Kitty and I are expecting! The cub should arrive some time this week. I bet none of you noticed at AC! Our little bundle of joy will be a nice addition around the den. We're expecting the cub to be around 6'4" and 200 lbs. Our parents will be shocked because he's also black! *laughs*

ari_foxy will be living with us for the next few months so that he can concentrate full time on school and not worry about bleeding money for an apartment. I have known Ari for about 2 years now and he is one of the most responsible and caring young furs out there. It will be a good thing helping to get on his paws and on firm ground. In a way I am paying back the kindness that was shown to me when I was in grad school and a person gave me a couple of Summers free rent in exchange for some yard work and house/pet sitting. It allowed me to save up a bit of money so that I could afford my own place when I finally got totally out of school.

We spent Sunday cleaning out the guest room and getting things ready for a furry garage sale in 2 weeks. Any locals want to sell stuff? Bring it on over! Kitty was traumatized as I made her go through 3 boxes of shoes and reduce her inventory down to one box. We made a nice little dent in our stuff, but we still have way too much clutter.

In other news we decided to flip the bird to our cable company and we went to the dish. When I went to inquire about getting digital cable I was told I would need to upgrade equipment, sign up for a special package, and then sign up for an additional package if I wanted HD programming. Screw you! The dish is not all that cheaper, but it does seem to offer more. So we'll give it a try for a year. We're still debating whether to get rid of the cable modem and go to DSL. I've heard a lot of DSL horror stories, but I would like to stab the cable company just a little bit more. We'll see.
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