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Party party party

I am now set with travel plans for MFM, MFF, and FC. I'll be flying to MFM and driving to the other 2. MFF will also include a visit with my mom while FC will include a visit to Kitty's mom. Hotel rooms have been taken care of. The only outstanding question mark seems to be with MFF registration. I submitted the form online but have yet to receive confirmation.

Anybody need a room for MFM? I have 2 beds reserved. I was hoping berin would be one roommate. I just hope he's not mad a me because I LJ bitch slapped him the other day. So I'm still looking for 2 other roomies. Must like to stay up late and party and tolerate a drunk bear. Yiffiness a major plus.

Kitty and I will be having a 4th of July party next week. Anybody wanting to visit over the long weekend is welcome.

The weekend after (the 8th) we'll be holding a furry garage sale. If you're local and want to sell stuff, we will have space available. Of course there will probably be a get-together afterwards. Just let us know!
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