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Rain Rain Don't Go Away

We had a M.O.A.T. last night; Mother of all thunderstorms. After going almost 9 months without a decent rainstorm, we finally got hit with a nice big storm. The east side of town got hit hard the night before, but us on the west side saw nothing. Last night pretty much the whole metro area got nailed. The radar signature that I saw on the news this morning was pretty interesting. It looked like the storm blew up just before crossing into the county. While I was walking Anubis a couple of hours before the storm it looked like we wouldn't see much activity. There was only one massive thunderhead and it was well to the west.

The storm put on quite the light show. I was reminded of film shot in London during the blitz. The lightning was almost non stop. It appeared that most was cloud-to-cloud, but the streaks were covering the entire sky. Most were above the low clouds so it was just flash flash flash. Kitty and I just sat on the patio for about an hour watching it pass overhead. The lightning was a bit intimidating (especially being under a nice aluminum patio cover), but like I said, there was very little striking the ground. The forecast calls for the potential of more storms tonight. Let's hope so!
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