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Thursday Bits and Pieces

Kitty and I were serenaded by yotes at 2 a.m. They were extremely close to the house, but since Skookum was inside, I didn't worry. This morning when I let both pets out, Skookum was very aggravated and ran back inside. I scanned the hillside and spotted a yote on top of the mesa. Binoculars revealed it was scarfing down what looked to be a dead rodent. It was amusing watching a kingbird perched just over the yote's head issuing an alarm chirp. At one point the yote got pissed and snapped at the bird as it flew over. *lol* I love having a live action nature show in my back yard.

Kitty and I watched, "Downfall" last night. Someone had mentioned it either in LJ or on chat several months ago, and I put it in our Netflix queue. It's a German movie that deals with the last days of Hitler and the fall of Berlin in 1945. Kitty was not sure she would enjoy a war movie, let alone a biography of Hitler, but we were both enthralled by it! It was almost like watching a Shakespearean tragedy as everything falls down around the Third Reich. Lots and lots of graphic violence as Nazis shoot themselves in the head, poison themselves, or hang themselves rather than face the Russian army.

YouTube is such an awesome thing! I had heard about, but never seen, the famous clip from the Jackass movie with the panda fursuits. A quick search of YouTube and BINGO!

We're having a real-time emergency preparedness drill today for our dams. Imagine a role-playing game but without the elves and orcs. Maybe we could include a giant bear attacking the dam!
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