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I know that albear can't stand the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. I, myself, found it to be a rather catchy tune. I knew little of Mr. Barkley's work prior to hearing the song on XM. Someone posted a link to a performance of "Crazy" at the MTV music awards and I was less than impressed. At least he did it rather tongue-in-cheek in that everyone was dressed in Star Wars costumes. (Murrrrrrr. Wookie drummer) Anyway, I just heard Mr Barkley do a version of The Violent Femme's "Gone Daddy Gone." He just went up another notch. It was a darn fine remake.

EDIT: Yoinked from czar_wolfhound. The new Star Wars Kid. Appearing at a furry con in the near future.
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